What We Do

We specialize in constructing durable, cost effective, high quality prefabricated structures that can be used as offices, accommodations, storage containers and cold room facilities, as retail outlets, workshops, salons, health care clinics, classrooms, processing plants, phone shops and more. In other words, we offer the perfect means to start up a business or community outreach initiative as quickly, efficiently and affordably as possible.

For enterprising business people seeking a means to set up a new retail concern, create temporary office space or staff sleeping quarters on a construction or mining site, or put up laboratory or storage facilities, Cool Maintenance offers the perfect solution.

Are you a forward thinking entrepreneur? Want to open a chain of internet cafés in an informal settlement? Need a quick housing solution? Wishing to store costly agricultural equipment in a secure space, or keep fresh produce from spoiling? Looking to rent workshop space to tradespeople? Dreaming of setting up a bottling plant or a vaccination clinic? Look no further. Our company offers a winning combination of fast production and delivery time and lower construction costs, ensuring customer satisfaction every time.

Prefabricated structures are highly versatile. They can be used as both temporary and permanent facilities and can reduce construction time by as much as 30%. Insulated panels also provide superior thermal performance, ensuring that temperatures remain carefully controlled free from cold or hot spots – which also helps to reduce your heating and cooling costs. They are also significantly soundproof – therefore perfect for use as offices or classrooms. In fact Cool Maintenance containers are ideal for use as shops, ATMS, internet cafés, spaza shops, soup kitchens, BTS transmitter boxes, air pollution monitoring stations, phone shops, security booths, kiosks, mobile toilets, laboratories and more. Our insulated panels are suitable for a range of specialised applications such as dry ice containers, toilets, signage panels, insulated trailers and vending boxes.